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Broward County Republican GOP Luncheon

Linda Lanier was invited to Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, Florida to perform and sing God Save America and The American Flag for the Broward County Republican GOP Luncheon.


The event hosted several iconic and reputable political figures for
the Republican Party, and among the attendees was Mike Lindell, the CEO and Owner of My Pillow, Steve Stern, owner of The Flag Shirt, a patriotic clothing company based in Florida.  General Michael Flynn also appeared via Live Stream to deliver his message to all in attendance.

The event emphasized the imminent dangers America faces as a country. There was a strong pull to ensure Americans take proactive and aggressive steps to ensure voter integrity
and minimize voter fraud.




Veterans Day Event


Linda was asked by her State Senator Theresa Manzella to join her in a Veterans Day Event on November 11th.  

Linda performed songs for WW2/Korean Veterans entitled "We Won't Forget";  For Vietnam Veterans a song entitled "The Granite Wall";  For Afghanistan/Iraq War Veterans a song entitled "Half Man Half Boy".  This song went to #1 on Americana music charts.  She also performed  a song for the spouses of the deployed military who kept the home fires burning entitled "How In This World".  It was a great success and very well received by all in attendance. 


Linda has a new album which will be released by January entitled "A Better World".



Linda Lanier Thanks Military Veterans And First Responders On Independence Day


Providing a deeper gratitude on the day of American freedom


Darby, MT: July 4- National and international Nashville recording artist symbolically expresses a deep gratitude for the freedom we all have as American citizens with a solidified thankfulness towards the men and women who bravely served our nation’s military, local law enforcement departments, and first responders. The event provided a moment of recognition of the difficulties that arise for families of veterans and first responders, but ultimately it is not a burden, but a blessing.


Through many songs and a strong story, Lanier drove it home, “We have our freedom today because of those that have fought, are fighting, and will fight for it.” She continued to recognize her husband, who proudly served in the United States Navy and her son, who proudly served in the United States Coast Guard and is a law enforcement officer, who responded to the Century 16 Aurora Theater Shooting. Amongst the many faces in the crowd sat State Legislature, Theresa Manzella (R), who stated, “We need to talk about the things that we are proud of and continue to be proud. So get involved.” Manzella stressed the importance of having every Darby resident’s voice being heard and that with that involvement, each Darby resident could continue to be proud of their home. Additionally, the Mayor of Darby, Evelyn Savochka, who expressed a deep gratitude of families who serve alongside their veterans, and that recognition and thanks needs to be given to them proudly.


To spread the word and recognition about veterans and first responders Lanier remedies the realities of patriotism through music.


  • Half Man Half Boy, She’s America, and The American Flag were amongst the songs sung at the event that moved audience members emotionally. Stirring powerful and proud emotions amongst everyone.


  • Lanier also noted the importance of families of veterans and first responders mentioning through a story of a young girl who missed her father who at the time was overseas


Lanier moved her audience and symbolically provided a light for those in Darby to feel a sense of pride in Darby, but also in America, the land of the free because of the brave.



Press Release

August 4


Grateful Citizens Honor Area Veterans


Thompson Falls, MT – "God and Country" was the bold theme as grateful citizens honored area veterans at a stirring patriotic picnic in Thompson Falls Sunday afternoon.


After volunteers served up BBQ hamburgers to everyone present, musician Linda Lanier took the stage and delivered a hard hitting message centered on the price of America’s freedom. Lanier honored those who fought and are still fighting for America and urged the audience to invoke both vigilance and prayer to help our nation maintain the freedom many mistakenly take for granted.



Showing heartfelt gratitude, picnic goers personally thanked area veterans during the annual Patriotic Picnic in Thompson Falls last Sunday.


 The program culminated in a tearful tribute as Lanier called all veterans to the stage and invited the audience to come up and personally shake the hand of every veteran present. Hugs, smiles, tears and handshakes revealed the crowd’s heartfelt appreciation.


The local VFW color guard posted the colors and performed the flag folding ceremony. In a low moment, Lanier expressed disappointment as the crowd dwindled. "People can sit through a whole football game, but won’t sit through a two hour tribute to veterans. Come on people! Where are our priorities?"


State Senator Matt Rosendale, R – Glendive and Senator Jennifer Fielder, R- Thompson Falls were among those who stayed for the whole program. In fact the Senators helped with set up and take down too.


"I heard so much about Linda Lanier’s inspirational program, I just wanted a chance to stop in and say thanks to the veterans and to Ms. Lanier as well." Rosendale remarked. "It takes a lot of courage to speak so plainly about the importance of freedom and prayer these days. She’s a straight talker, a



Thompson Falls VFW members along with musician Linda Lanier (center), State Senator Jennifer Fielder and State Senator Matt Rosendale (kneeling) were among many who helped organize the annual Patriotic Picnic for veterans last Sunday. Color Guard members left to right: Jimmy Allison, Jim Bohannon, Howie Inks, and


constitutional conservative, and wonderful talent. I really admire her." Rosendale, a favorite of many conservatives in the Montana legislature, is visiting friends around the state as he considers a bid for U.S. Senate in 2014.


Guest speaker and missionary David Termer of St. Regis addressed the audience by comparing the resources of America to a grand quilt. He described American people, freedom, and prosperity as the threads that knit the fabric of our nation together. "We are being torn apart at the seams," Termer said, "and we cannot let that happen any longer. We have to stick together."


Termer’s wife, Mingh, lived in North Viet Nam when it was taken over by communist China. She sees many similar things happening here that happened there. "Nobody thought it could happen. Everybody was too busy doing their own thing to notice," recalls Mingh. "then the communists completely took over and we had to register everything we owned. If one of our chickens died we had to explain why it died and convince the government that we did not eat it." Mingh’s family fled to South Viet Nam to escape communist rule and eventually came to America with the help of David who was a missionary there.


The program also featured a flag folding ceremony narrated by Scott Crow who told the full story behind the meaning of each fold as the VFW Color Guard expertly snapped the flag into proper storage position. Another narrative explained the meaning of the words in the National Anthem penned by Francis Scott Key. The anthem resulted after Scott Key watched British naval forces work all night to force Americans to take down their flag at Fort McHenry during the War of 1812. Despite suffering an incredible barrage of military force, Americans gave all to keep the flag flying.


The free picnic and concert, organized annually by Scott & Brenda Crow of Redemption Ranch, was made possible this year by donations from Howard Inks Jr., Paul & Jennifer Fielder, The Thompson Falls Christian Men’s Prayer Group, Internet Kitchen, Frenchy & Bev Cuvillier, Gary & Bonnie Abbot, Thompson Falls Feed & Fuel, Blackfoot Telecommunications, and Turning D Ranch. Many attendees also offered donations to help pay for event costs.



Nashville Recording Artist Sings New Release, Honors National Guard Soldiers





Linda Lanier performs the National Anthem for Soldiers attending the Army National Guard's Safety and Standardization Conference in Louisville, KY. Lanier's voluntary performance includes her new release "The American Flag".

Lanier is no stranger to military audiences. Linda Lanier comforts and encourages members of the military and their families as well as other audiences around the world.

Keynote speaker Major General James Nuttall, the Deputy Director of the Army National Guard, addressed approximately 700 conference participants introducing Lanier.

"She's done several projects - both a national and international recording artist, has sang on the hallowed grounds of the Pentagon for 911 ceremonies. I could go on and on..." MG Nuttall said. "But I think I'll let her voice speak for her."

When the Montana Army National Guard's 1-189th Combat Support Aviation Battalion deployed to Iraq in 2004, Lanier allowed the National Guard to use her song, "Prayer List", and portions of her video in a video production documenting the battalion's departure ceremony.

National Guard members call Lanier a true patriot, and conference attendees gave Lanier's performance a standing ovation. Her new CD will be available soon.

Lanier enjoys her working relationship with the National Guard. "I feel very honored and proud to be a part of the Guard," Lanier states.

The Army National Guard's Safety and Standardization Conference gives military and government civilian air and ground safety personnel the opportunity to discuss how to keep Soldiers safe when they're at war and at home.

Nashville Recording Artist Sings To Americas Heroes At Sheridan VAMC

National recording artist Linda Lanier entertained Veterans and their families at the Sheridan VAMC. Mrs. Lanier has dedicated much of her career to honoring all the men and women who have served in the Armed Forces. “This was an exciting event and we know it inspired everyone in the audience. We want to thank Mrs. Lanier for coming and providing a wonderful afternoon of song and entertainment for Sheridan’s Heroes” said Jackie Van Mark, Public Affairs Specialist, Sheridan VAMC.

The afternoon was filled with pride and tears and each song touched the hearts and true American Spirit of ever person in the crowd. “I had a wonderful time and am thankful for everything Veterans had done for us and am proud of the men and women serving today.” said Maria Travis of the Sheridan Chapter of the Patriot Guard. “I didn’t serve but I am committed to veterans and their families and appreciate Mrs. Laniers talent and ability to lift our spirits and remind everyone what America stands for.”

As Mrs. Lanier sang and moved among the crowd, many shed tears but commented later that it was one of the best events ever at the facility. “We look forward to having Mrs. Lanier back to the VA, as the patients connected with her and because her heart is clearly for veterans.” Jackie Van Mark.

A Farewell Concert


Linda Lanier performing a farewell concert at the Grant County Fairgrounds for departing soldiers has asked soldiers with families to come forward and be recognized.

A farewell concert was held for local soldiers at the Grant County Fairgrounds. Nashville recording artist Linda Lanier performed at the Soldiers Benefit Concert for the departing National Guard soldiers. Lanier thanked each and every one of the attendees for being here and supporting our troops.

The 1161st Transportation Company and Bravo Company of the 81st Brigade received orders to activate earlier this year. The units have been training for months locally and at the Yakima Training Center.

Nearly 300 Washington-based National Guard soldiers have been cal
led to active duty, making this a second deployment to Iraq for many.

In attendance were Washington State Representative Judy Warnick and Moses Lake Mayor Ron Covey.

William Elliot, PV2 with Bravo Company 161 said most soldiers expected the call-up and reacted positively when they heard the news.

"We were training in Yakima, we were doing convoy live fire, clearing rooms and firing the 50 cal," Elliot said. "There's a sense of focus now."

Linda Lanier performing a farewell concert at the Grant County Fairgrounds for departing soldiers has asked past and present soldiers to come forward and be recognized for service to their country.


Flag Day Event Pays Tribute To Veterans

From the Idaho Press-Tribune (Nampa, ID)
By Jon Meyer -

MARSING - Patriotic performer Linda Lanier joined locals in Marsing for an inspirational Flag Day concert and presentation Sunday in honor of veterans. Lanier took the stage with a performance and speech that brought tears to eyes in the crowd of about 50, including more than a dozen veterans. She shared memories from a family deeply entrenched in the military, admitting she wasn't always patriotic, and asked others to honor the sacrifices of those who have served. "We're out here paying tribute to the veterans, to the military past and present ... " Lanier said to the Idaho Press-Tribune before her performance . "I want to bring an awareness to the people. They have no idea what our fighting men and women have done as we sleep in our comfortable beds."

Lanier and the Marsing Assembly of God brought the event to Owyhee after being driven inside by lightning and thunder on the horizon. "I think it's a tribute to have Mrs. Lanier here, because she is like a spokeswoman for the American Legions , the VFWs and ladies auxiliaries," U.S. Air Force veteran and American Legion 2nd Vice Commander Darrell Brown of Marsing said. "She travels around the country honoring our veterans, and without them we couldn't have events like this." Members of Boy Scout Troop 412 and representatives from the Sons of the County , and members of the local American Legion Post 128 and the Veterans of Foreign Wars were on hand Sunday. The festivities continued even American Legion Squadron 128 presented the colors at the celebration.

Marsing Assembly of God Pastor and American Legion Post Commander Rick Sherrow said the gathering was planned to say thank you to the individuals and families who sacrifice to serve our country. World War II Navy veteran Merrill Tallman, a member of the American Legion and commander of the local VFW, thought the event was a fitting tribute. "I think it's never inappropriate to honor our veterans for what they did," Tallman said. "It's a symbol of appreciation from America."

Lanier, from Montana, has been a national recording artist for about 15 years. She said she's stepped up her tributes to veterans and those in the armed forces in the past several years. "This is my country, my forefathers founded it 'in God we trust,'" she said. "We need to keep that theme in our country today."


Linda Lanier Gives A Patriotic Performance



By: Frances Hammond

Community Liaison

Publisher/Editor Tule River Newsletter

Tule River Tribal Council

Tule River Indian Reservation

Linda Lanier gave a very profound performance to honor our veterans at the Tule River Indian Reservation, Saturday, July 16th at the Gym hosted by the Church on the Hill. After a delicious dinner of deep pit BBQ the Tule River Native American Veterans post 1987 posted the colors as Blood River sang them in. Roxanne Carrillo gave a prayer and Dan Hackey introduced Ms. Lanier. Ms. Lanier started her tribute to the veterans with an anthem to our county and went into a song to welcome home the vets. Her message was “to never forget the price our service men give for our freedom.” Song after song gave praise to our fighting men and women. She sang a song about the American flag as all stood and saluted.


She called all service people, firefighters and law enforcement up to honor them as all came up to thank them for their service.


It was an evening of patriotism and thanks to those who give of themselves so unselfishly so that we may have our freedom, a message we should never forget.

Honoring Those Who Sacrificed

By Bethany Monroe

Editor, The Molalla Pioneer


Linda Lanier brought her patriotic performance to Molalla Sept. 16, encouraging locals to join her in recognizing veterans for their service.


“They need to know that we care and that we’re standing behind them,” said Lanier, a Montana singer who tours the country performing at patriotic events.


Lanier comes from a long line of servicemen and women, with family members in every military branch. Her husband, Rocky Lanier, is also a veteran. She said the patriotic programs were a “calling from God” and she started performing them more than a year ago, incorporating slide shows, readings and ceremonies along with original patriotic songs.


Lanier was joined on stage by pianist Jethro “Abe” Mantle for the Sept. 16 concert. Molalla Police Chief Rod Lucich opened the concert singing the national anthem. Among the audience members was State Senator Fred Girod, who represents portions of three counties in Oregon, including the Molalla area.


“I just have the highest regard for her and what she’s doing, ”Girod said. “I think the thank yous need to be said to the veterans. I saw a lot of them getting rather emotional. They’ve been through really tough times. We really don’t do enough for them when they come home and I think that’s a travesty.”

During the concert, Lanier invited the military veterans and emergency responders in attendance to come to the front where concert attendees could thank them each individually for their service and shake their hands. Among them were those who had served in the Navy, Air Force, Army, Marines, U.S. Coast Guard and in fire service. The veterans included 93-year-old Virgil Dorsett of Mulino, Ore., who served in World War II and was a prisoner of war.


“I just thought it was a great event and I thought what (Lanier) was doing was tremendous,” Girod said. “It was very targeted and it just hit home. The thing is, we really do owe all our freedoms to the veterans.”

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