I know most of us are grieving the loss of our Great President.  My thoughts from much prayer, after much anger at all the lies, is what I have said to people over the years "America is reaping what we have sowed". 

We good people will have to suffer right along with the bad.  Many of us have taken our eyes off of God and put them on man.  No man can save us, only God.  But God works through man.  I believe the situation we are in has brought to our attention that we must look to, and trust, in the Lord.  I  believe a big part of American is doing what II Chron 7:14 says to do.  If you don't know what it says , look it up.  I believe a big part of America has turned to God for help in this time.  It is again only he that can help.  I also believe we will go through some bad times, but we will be victorious!

The Lord spoke to my heart during my daily Bible study on January 21, 2021.  

"I am so pleased you have hope again, realizing I am the one in control not man.  I will use man to accomplish what my plans are.  But it is I, the one in charge, that can change darkness into light again.  Watch me work and praise me in it."

That gave me so much hope!  There is a new excitement in me.  I am starting to be able to laugh at some of this foolishness's, meaning the corrupt people running the country.  Lets look up for whence comes our help.  Rejoice, be glad that we serve a risen savior.  lets slap Satan right where it hurts!  We must be soldiers in the Army of God!  Standing up for justice and the American way!

Peace Be To All Who Read This Letter!

Love In Christ,


P.S.:  Go to YouTube and look up these videos:  "What An Awesome God You Are!" and "Let The Nation Sing!"