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Hello to all reading this newsletter!

It's been a while since I have written.  Things are moving along.  My new program entitled "Montana women for God, family and country" will be debuted on April 15,2023.  It will be held at the Darby Club House in my home town of Darby, MT.   All are invited!  

This is the 7th program God has given me to do.  Every time he instructs me to do a new program I simply say, "Well Lord, how is this one to be done?". He lays it all out for me , WOW!  What a God we serve!

Also there is finally a new CD in the works.  Should be done early Summer.  It's been a long time coming.  Please watch the website for its release!

Stand up and be warriors in Gods army!  Letting our voices be heard in a Godly but bold way.  Our country is dying very quickly, it breaks my heart.  We know where our forever home is if we serve the Lord, but right now this is home for us to occupy. 


Please read II CHRON 7:14-15 God is the only one who knows the time when he will finally say "Enough is enough, Amen!".  That just so happens to be the title of one of my new songs.

Please pray for all the money to come in for this new album.  I believe this new CD is needed for today's troubles.

May God's blessing be upon all of you.

Love In Christ,


P.S.:  Go to YouTube and look up these videos:  "What An Awesome God You Are!" and "Let The Nation Sing!"

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