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Hello to all reading this newsletter!

I have been on quite a journey these past 8 years.  I know many of you don't understand why I have not come back to your area sooner.  I thought I was superwoman, boy was I wrong!  Rocky and I have been going through very stressful times.  I started with me not feeling well, I went to a doctor and the rest is history.   The details are too much to get into so I won't.  God said to Satan, " Do what you will but you can not kill her."  I thought many times I would be heading home.  I believed I was done with the ministry, that alone broke my heart.  I started getting better, then I got hit with the China virus.  I am still suffering 3 years later.  I have learned to completely rely on the Lord. 


When I think I cannot do what he is asking me to do, he lets me know I can't but he can.  He's called me to record this new album, he has strengthened me and is giving me all I need to get it done.  It will be going to radio and videos will be made.  The Lord let me know this album will reach the Nations and it is being born for such a time as this.  I pray it will minister to you in a mighty way.  Please pass it on, our world and our country is in trouble.  But take heart God holds the whole world in his hands.

May God's blessing be upon all of you.

Love In Christ,


P.S.:  Go to YouTube and look up these videos:  "What An Awesome God You Are!" and "Let The Nation Sing!"

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