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"If We Ever Forget We Are One Nation Under God, We Will Be A Nation Gone Under"

(Ronald Reagan)


Dedicated, Passionate and Patriotic are just a few ways to describe Linda Lanier.   Linda was born into a military family and is not a stranger to its way of life. Linda has  entertained on the hallowed grounds  of the Pentagon for a 9/11 Memorial service. She has been invited to appear at numerous Governor engagements, and has been extremely involved with the Army National Guard.  Linda performed at Trump's International Golf Course where friend/promoter Steve Stearn of the Flag Shirt Co.  interviewed her. Linda performed at the RCRCC where  David Clements was speaking.    David Clements was a host in a documentary of “Let My People Go”.  


Linda has also worked very closely with Montana  State Senator, Theresa Manzella who shares her voice: 

 “Linda Lanier is an American Patriot. Her songs tell the story of American Values, hope, resilience, traditions and patriotism. She’s one of the most down to earth, sincere, and genuine people you’ll ever meet. She has a reverence for the lord and a deeply held respect for our military men and women.  That love and reverence is memorialized in the lyrics of her inspirational songs. I am proud to call her my friend”.  

  Linda continues to stand and  fight for the values our forefathers fought and died for.  One of the important causes that she  has been invited to speak and perform for is the voter integrity events.  There’s a  huge crisis and concern for our country when  21 million christians are not registered to vote.  Linda’s cry is God Save America.  We need to look to God not humans to turn this Country around as it states in 2nd Chronicles 7:14.  


Linda Lanier’s patriotism and music are the tools that reach people at the core of their soul.  Her personal trials, tragedies, and near death experiences give Linda an empathetic and compassionate understanding that allows millions to be touched, transformed and made anew These programs continue to move every audience to tears.

Linda  also takes a stand with the war on Law Enforcement across the country.  She has had and still has family in blue.  Linda's son Cody, is a Sergeant in Colorado.  Cody was one of the first responders to answer the call that came in at 12:39 a.m. on July 20, 2012, when a shooter opened fire at the Century 16 Movie Theater. 

It is  important now more  than ever to support our law enforcement, and all brave service men and women because All Lives Matter!!!  Together it's time to protect those that protect us.  

Like one of Linda's songs says:


"We Need God In America Again!"


If you want to print my biography CLICK HERE!

Copyright 2016/ Linda Lanier/ All Rights Reserved


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